The Beauty of South Indian Marriages

The Beauty of South Indian Marriages


A wonderful combination of flowers and fragrance make up a traditional south Indian wedding. Plantain trees, the indicator of evergreen plentiness for endless generation holds a main position in the south Indian wedding. In order to announce the sacred and divine union to the world the assistance of nadaswaram are sort. The relatives that attend the marriage are given a warm and hearty welcome with the faces filled with smiles.

The scenes in the evening before the wedding:

In a flower decorated car the bridegroom comes to the wedding hall from a temple. The bride’s parents wait at the entrance of the wedding hall in order to welcome the bridegroom and take him in to the hall. This process is known as ‘Janna Vasam.’

The wedding day:

In order to drive away all the impediments the famous ‘Ganapathi Puja’ is carried out. All the relatives will be surrounded around watching the proceedings and offering their blessing to the about to be couples.

The main wedding:

The bride’s father then performs the ‘Vara Puja’ to the bridegroom by cleansing the foot of him and then wipes it off by silk.

After all the tradition prayers and offerings the bridegroom knots the gold Mangalsutra to the neck of the bride. In order to avoid hearing of any inauspicious sounds the Nadaswaram is played out aloud. Playing of Nadaswaram builds up a spiritual as well as an energetic atmosphere inside the marriage hall.

The evening celebration:

The evening function is the time to play as well as to relax and to celebrate the marriage by performing Nalangu. The bride rolls out challenges to her newly wed husband and they both indulge in some gaming with music and dances going on in the background. There will be a sequence of fun games lined up and the couple will go against each other with a lot of fun and enjoyment.

When you are in to having a marriage of south Indian type, it is definitely a good decision that you have made, as they are vast and expansive to have a lot of fun. And also each one has a set of rituals that differ from each other and each of them has there own style.

It is important to choose an apt venue to realize your dream of having a south Indian wedding as they assist you in accomplishing a traditional south Indian wedding.

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