Traditional south Indian dishes that you need to try

Traditional south Indian dishes that you need to try

One of the significant factors that bring in tourists from all parts of the country towards south is its rich and varied awesome cuisine. It is the old recipes and tradition way of preparing the dishes that make the South Indian dishes unique and special experience. From Tamil Nadu’s paper thin dosas to Kerala’s beef and sea food delicacies to Karnataka’s kadumbutt, there is something for all foodies down in the south. If you are planning to travel down to south, here are few dishes that you should have in your must try menu.

Paper thin dosas:

One of the oldest traditional breakfast dishes down extreme south is the dosa. The crisp thin crepe breakfast product is made of fermented rice and lentil batter. This delightful light dish becomes even more delicious when it is accompanied by coconut chutney and hot sambar. Believe us when we say it is one of the best dishes of south Indian when consumed fresh off the griddle.


Streamed rice cakes popularly known as Idlis down south are the healthy breakfast for people of all ages. The soft and spongy spherical rice cakes are also made out of fermented lentil and rice batter with the assistance of little circular moulds. When you have had enough of fiery flavor dishes and when you are in a mood to give your stomach a break, the mild tasting light dish is an ideal choice.

Medu Vada:

Savory doughnuts popularly known as Medu Vada in South India is a deep fried, hot and crispy snacks that will satisfy your craving to taste mildly salted crisp foodstuff. The flavor of the dish might leave your tongue but it hardly leaves your mind making you to want more of it. The popular snack is made from a mixture of battered black lentils, curry leaves, gently spiced with peppercorns, chili, cumin, and onion.

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