The Best Wedding Food Trends Of 2018

The Best Wedding Food Trends Of 2018

Food is an important aspect of an Indian wedding. When all the ceremonies are done and the family and guests have danced to their full, what everybody looks for is mouth-watering food. In fact, most Indians remember a wedding based on the food that was served there. So, to make your wedding a memorable experience for your guests, you need to look after their tummies especially.
Gone are the days of the simple cuisines that were catered during weddings. Now, couples give great thought to the catering, cuisine and dining system for their weddings. Some of the latest and most popular wedding catering trends are-

Health-conscious – As more and more people are adopting healthy living and healthy eating, it is important that you serve them the right food at your wedding. Weddings nowadays have special counters that serve healthy snacks like fruits, oats etc. You can also add beverages like fruit juices or green tea to make it a complete meal.

Do-it-yourself dishes – Do-it-yourself food counters are a recent trend. You can keep the ingredients at the counter and the guests make their own snacks like sandwiches, chaats, and beverages. However, a DIY counter is a good option for a small party. At a large gathering it may become hard to manage and cause food wastage.

Dessert parade – Nowadays, couples serve an assortment of dessert items from various regions of India and abroad. Pastries, chocolates and even candies have become popular wedding dessert options now.

Dedicated cuisine – Instead of the varied cuisine, some couples choose a single cuisine for catering. All the snacks, meals, desserts and beverages adhere to the cuisine, giving the guests a chance to experience new dishes and flavours from distant lands.
So, which one or ones of the food trends given above are you thinking of including in your wedding catering?

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